Sascha Jimenez

Holistic Health Coach

Sascha Jimenez

Holistic Health Coach

About Sascha Jimenez

The brief story of Sascha Jimenez

Hello, I'm Sascha Jimenez, a holistic health coach living in Barcelona.

I have been coaching people to become better versions of themselves since 2010,

and I love experiencing the huge positive impact it can have in their lives.


If you're ready to get in the shape of your life, I'm ready to get you there!


- Sascha Jimenez

- A few client testimonials -

Diego Torres

"Sascha truly changed my life! I feel confident and fit for the first time in years!"

Maria D. H.

"I knew from Day 1 that Sascha was the right person to help me achieve my goals. And she didn't disappoint!"

Martin Rodriguez

"Getting in shape is tough, but with Sascha by your side it gets easier. I recommend her to everyone I know!"